It is my belief that compelling visual content can help your local business, upcoming event, or advertising campaign reach the most individuals for the biggest impact. No matter how big or small, I want to help you convey your message in a way that is uniquely you. With experience in music videos and corporate media to wedding videography and broadcast television, I offer industry level video and media content without unnecessary costs.

New Memphis Institute - Summer Experience 2016  |  Levitt Shell Recap Video, 2016

European Stonewerks  |  Company Overview Video, 2016

CBHS - "Join Us"  |  Recruitment Video, 2016

New Memphis Institute - Field Day  |  Recap Video, 2016

Hagwood, Adelman, Tipton - Law Firm  |  Overview Video, 2016

Taubken Film & Video  |  Demo Reel 2015

Welcome to the Table: Decision Making Styles  |  Promotional Piece for Yes or No Book  |  Co-Director  |  Russell Shaw Design

Christian Brothers High School Recruitment  |  Student Interviews

More Or Less Book Trailer  |  Co-Writer/Co-Directer   |   Russell Shaw Design  |  Addy Award Winner, 2014

City of Soul Intern Interviews  |  2015

City of Soul  |  Shelby County Public Defender's Office  |  Interview Video

CBHS & CBU  |  STEMM CoLab 2015 Overview

Yes or No Book Trailer  |  Co-Writer/Co-Directer   |   Russell Shaw Design

The Moates Wedding