Compelling visual content can help your local business, upcoming event, or advertising campaign reach the most individuals for the biggest impact. Let's make it happen! No matter how big or small, I want to help you convey your message in a way that is uniquely you. With experience in music videos and corporate media to wedding videography and broadcast television, I offer industry level video and media content without unnecessary costs.


Caritas Village | Case Study, 2018

CTI Professional Flight Training | Fernando Contreras Interview, 2018

masterIT | Overview Video, 2018

CTI Professional Flight Training  |  Overview Video, 2018  |  Camera: Ryan Hill Media  |  Additional Camera, Edit, and Color: Kyle Taubken

The Heights Line  |  Installation Update Video, 2017

University of Tennessee Health Science Center  |  Internal Medicine Hospitals Tour, 2017

Bread  |  Broderick Greer Video Series, Installment #6, 2017

MORE INSTALLMENTS OF THE Broderick Greer Video Series →

Riggins Painting  |  Company Overview Video, 2018

MLGW (Memphis Light, Gas, & Water)  |  Smart Meter Installation Overview Video, 2016

New Memphis Institute - Summer Experience 2016  |  Levitt Shell Recap Video, 2016

European Stonewerks  |  Company Overview Video, 2016

I'll Be True [Official Music Video]  |  Artist: Crockett Hall, 2016

Hagwood, Adelman, Tipton - Law Firm  |  Overview Video, 2016

CBHS - "Join Us"  |  Recruitment Video, 2016

New Memphis Institute - Field Day  |  Recap Video, 2016

University of Memphis - MILE Program  |  10 Year Anniversary Congratulations Video, 2016

More Or Less Book Trailer  |  Co-Writer/Co-Directer   |   Russell Shaw Design  |  Addy Award Winner, 2014

Welcome to the Table: Decision Making Styles  |  Promotional Piece for Yes or No Book  |  Co-Director  |  Russell Shaw Design

Yes or No Book Trailer  |  Co-Writer/Co-Directer   |   Russell Shaw Design

The Moates Wedding