Soul Man  |  Writer-Director-Editor-Producer  |  Fond Farewell Films, 2019


Ben Whitaker, Jr., an aging and mostly washed up singer-songwriter from the 60s/70s era of big soul music, navigates loneliness, failed relationships, and a botched career in modern day Memphis, TN.  //  12 min. 55 sec.

Soul Man is currently being developed into a feature film in Memphis, TN. If you are interested in finding out more about how you or your company might partner with the feature, or if you are curious about investment opportunities, please email

The Brothers Brothers  |  Co-writer-Director-Editor-Producer  |  Fond Farewell Films, 2019


Two brothers, one a small town pastor in a marriage crisis and the other a flashy doctor with questionable morals, come home to help their overbearing mother in the aftermath of their father's unexpected death.

Patrick  |  Writer-Director-Editor-Producer  |  Fond Farewell Films, Master Video Productions, 2018


Two strangers with very different backgrounds get to know one another over crummy coffee and shared struggles in an old church basement.

The Butcher  |  Writer-Director-Editor-Producer  |  Fond Farewell Films, 2017


A newly sober father of two struggles to reconnect with his children sometime after the death of his wife. When personal and professional struggles threaten his sobriety, The Butcher is forced to make a choice between relapse or his continued attempts to reconcile his family.

The Neighborhood  |  Writer-Director-Editor-Co-producer  |  Stranger Things Films, 2014

The Neighborhood is a story about three childhood friends (George, Rebbecca, and Barret) who move back home after college and take up residence in the very bedrooms they vowed to leave. Though they left for college full of hope and optimism, they have returned broken and confused about the things they encountered. Each of them now carries real world problems without the real world maturity to handle their issues appropriately. Through narration and flashbacks, The Neighborhood creates a candid window into the lives of Y-generation suburbanites, exposing their secrets and vices.

So Brief Was His Torso  |  Co-Writer-Director-Editor-Producer  |  Stranger Things Films, 2013

Sam and Angie are a young couple on their way to a funeral somewhere in the American south. When their car breaks down they are forced to endure a stint at a local gas station where they are confronted by the gas station owner, Larry, and his wife, Dawn. Sam, a traditionally non-confrontational person, must choose between standing up for Larry's helpless wife or putting himself in danger.

Synesthesia  |  Co-Writer-Director  |  Breaking 15 Productions, Stranger Things Films, 2013

A well-known painter gifted with the phenomenon of synesthesia (the ability to translate emotions into complex color patterns) attempts to work through his troubled past. His art dealer tries to convince him to sell a special painting for a large sum of money. He is conflicted at the intersection of art and commerce, having to decide how to move forward from his personal tragedies and determine in what direction to take his professional career.