Fond Farewell Films in association with Master Video Productions presents PATRICK

Coming soon*


Two strangers with very different backgrounds get to know one another over crummy coffee and shared struggles in an old church basement.  //  18 min. 45 sec.




Curtis C. Jackson   //   Patrick

Jacob Wingfield  //  Felix

Lisa Sanchez-Sullivan  //  Nina


Writer/Director/Editor/Producer   //   Kyle Taubken

Director of Photography   //   Dwayne Green

Composer  //  Paul Vinsonhaler

Gaffer  //  Jay Johnson

First Asst. Camera  //  Justin Harrison

Location Sound Mixer & Boom Operator  //  David Moates

Stills Photographer  //  Emily Tuberville Taubken

Poster & Title Design  //  Russell Shaw

Music Mix  //  James Joseph

Craft Service  //  Vicki Taubken

Set PA  //  Thomas McDaniel

Featuring music from Possessed By Paul James and Crockett Hall

Coffee Shop Extras  //  Josh Colfer - Jared Myers - John Smiley - Felipe Vazquez - Anna Vinsonhaler - Paul Vinsonhaler - Erika Hansan - Rahn Marion - Anita Chang - Shannon McDevitt - Meredith Miyake Vazquez - Areil Harrison

Meeting Extras  //  David Boone - Kathy Lofton - Rob Robinson - Vicki Taubken - Kayleigh Bondor - Jay Taubken

Additional Equipment Sponsor  //  Spoon Mountain Productions d.b.a. Richard L. Copley

Special Thanks  //  Daniel Carter and the team at Master Video Productions, Jared Myers, Joey Carr, Travis Scott Ray, Mateo Servente, Rich Cook and the board of Highland Heights United Methodist Church, Daniel Clarke, Richard Copley, Josh Colfer, Lisa Toro and the staff of City & State, Corey DeWaters, Robert W., Adam Nelson, Emily Tuberville Taubken, Anna and Oliver Moates, Jay and Vicki Taubken, Russell Shaw

*Premiere date and location TBD