Fond Farewell Films presents SOUL MAN

Soul Man is currently being developed into a feature film in Memphis, TN. If you are interested in finding out more about how you or your company might partner with the feature, or if you are curious about investment opportunities, please email




Ben Whitaker, Jr., an aging and mostly washed up singer-songwriter from the 60s/70s era of big soul music, navigates loneliness, failed relationships, and a botched career in modern day Memphis, TN.  //  12 min. 55 sec.



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SOUL MAN is a story inspired by the many men and women who were part of the soul music boom in Memphis during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Many of these artists, often underappreciated legends, have long since returned to normal, practically anonymous lives here in Memphis. You might find them playing as a backup musician on Beale Street one night and working the register at the local grocery store the next. I have met and spent time with a handful of these incredible folks and am always touched by their grit, humility, and warmth. This short is a fictionalized attempt to represent many of their stories as they exist today. In the film, the main character, Ben, has spent decades shutting the music out of his life after the demise of his once successful singing/songwriting partnership. Dogged by memories of the glory days and the unprocessed trauma of the fallout with his childhood best friend and former partner, Ben wants nothing to do with his legendary past. Try as he might, however, Ben can’t quite get away from the music or the memories, and he’ll have to face them both sooner or later. Among other things, this is a film about the loss of friendship, the consequences of selfishness and impulsivity, and the resiliency of the human soul. This short is a prologue, of sorts, to the feature I am currently developing around this same character. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it moves you in some way. - Kyle T.


BTS stills by Perpetual Motion/Noah Glenn and Emily Taubken.


Curtis C. Jackson   //   Ben Whitaker, Jr.

Willis Green  //  Ronnie

Wyndie Oliver // Carla

Pat Prentiss  //  Stan

Kenon Walker // Young Ben

Everett Anderson // Young Miles

Jon Bryant Crawford // Smoker In Alley


Writer/Director/Editor/Producer   //   Kyle Taubken

Director of Photography   //   Andrew Trent Fleming

Associate Producer // Curtis C. Jackson

Assistant Camera //  Peyton Pilgrim, O’Shay Foreman

Grip  //  Justin Harrison

Boom Operators & Location Sound Mixers  //  Noah Glenn, David Moates

Stills Photographer  //  Emily Tuberville Taubken

Title Design  //  Russell Shaw

Additional Sound Designer & ADR/Foley Engineer  //  Paul Vinsonhaler

Featuring the words of “I’ll Be True” by Crockett Hall

Additional Equipment Sponsor  //  Spoon Mountain Productions d.b.a. Richard L. Copley